Helping You Create A Brighter Future

Once divorce is on the table and you’re sure that you’ll follow through, it’s time to let your children know what’s happening. This is a difficult conversation, as they’ll have questions and concerns about the future.

One of the best ways to ease the tension is to sit down as a family to discuss the divorce process and what comes next.

When doing so, you should expect the following questions from your children:

  • Will we all still live together? This is a good time to explain to your children that they’ll have two homes in the future. If one of you has plans to stay in the family home, you can share this information with your children.
  • How will I spend time with the both of you? You don’t have to explain the finer details of child custody and visitation, but help your children understand that they’ll still spend plenty of time with both parents.
  • Do I have to change schools? Remember, your children will want to know how divorce affects them, and a change of school definitely fits into this category. If you don’t yet know the answer, be honest with them.

Keep in mind that your children are likely to have questions well into the future, so it’s a must that you and your ex are available to provide detailed answers when necessary.

You’ll feel better about the future once your children are on the same page regarding your divorce. This will allow you to put more of your time and energy into the divorce process and protecting your legal rights.