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When you decide to divorce, you’re likely to have concerns about the impact on your children. And not only are you worried about what it will do to them right now, you may have concerns about how it could affect them over the rest of their life.

This is why you want to do everything you can to stabilize their life during this difficult transition. For example, when possible, shared custody is often the best route. This gives your children the opportunity to continue to spend time with both parents.

Here are some of the many benefits of shared custody:

  • It works for both parents: When both parents are happy with the arrangement, you’re more likely to avoid arguments and disagreements, which works in favor of your children.
  • Healthier life: You care deeply about the physical and mental health of your children. Shared custody will help promote better health across the board.
  • More likely to perform well in school: Divorce can complicate things for your children, thus making it difficult to concentrate in school and live up to their full potential. Shared custody can give them peace of mind and allow them to focus more of their energy on school and related activities.

While shared custody isn’t always an option, it’s something you should consider if divorce is on the horizon. When you combine this with a mutually beneficial parenting agreement, everyone is in position to thrive, despite the less than ideal circumstances.

In the event that your original custody arrangement doesn’t work out, such as the result of your ex violating the parenting agreement, you may need to take legal action by requesting a modification of your existing orders.