Helping You Create A Brighter Future

During the divorce process, you create a parenting agreement that’s designed to help you and your ex provide stability for your children. While you may consider it an important part of your post-divorce life, your ex may not take it nearly as seriously.

If co-parenting isn’t working out and you and your ex have problems with your parenting agreement, it often makes sense to discuss your concerns with your ex. It’s hoped that this conversation will rectify your concerns and get everything back on track.

Here are some common situations that typically call for a conversation with your former partner or spouse:

  • Missed visits. For example, if your ex has visitation rights and they’re not taking advantage of them, you should discuss the reason for it. It’s important for your children to have a relationship with both their parents if it makes sense to do so.
  • Delays, missed drop-offs and pick-ups. Maybe your ex is in the habit of keeping your children for a day longer than the visitation agreement states. It may be okay if you’ve talked about it in advance, but not if your ex is making a unilateral decision.
  • A parenting agreement that just isn’t working. Even if you’re both trying your best to make it work, things can and probably will change after the divorce process is complete. Don’t be shy about bringing your concerns to light, while also hearing out your ex. You may find that a few modifications are necessary.

When it comes to co-parenting and your ex, you should never hesitate to discuss your concerns and take steps to protect your legal rights. It’s critical to the future well-being of your children.