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As you prepare for the divorce process, there’s nothing more important than understanding the impact it’ll have on your children and the steps you can take to protect them.

This typically starts with a clear understanding of child custody. Here are some of the many questions you should answer before and during the divorce process:

  • Are you okay with the idea of joint custody, or do you have reason to believe that sole custody is in the best interest of your children?
  • Are you familiar with the difference between physical custody and legal custody?
  • Are your children old enough to have a say in where they live and how they visit with their noncustodial parent?
  • If you receive physical custody of your children, do you want to remain in the family home or seek somewhere else to live?
  • Are you familiar with the way visitation works for the noncustodial parent?

It’s critical to answer all these questions, among others, as you never know what side you’ll find yourself on. For instance, you may be the person who is gaining physical custody of your children. Or you may be the person who has visitation rights.

The more questions you answer, the better prepared you’ll be for the divorce process as it pertains to child custody. And preparation is the key to making informed and confident decisions.

If your ex continually violates your child custody agreement after divorce, a modification may be necessary. It’s more time and effort on your part, but it’s critical to your children living their best life in the future.