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When it comes to co-parenting, it’s important to settle into a routine that works for you, your ex, and most importantly, your children.

While this may be your top priority, don’t be surprised if your ex doesn’t take as much pride in their approach. In fact, they may intentionally make decisions to disturb your co-parenting flow, all with the idea of getting back at you for something they believe you did wrong.

Here are some situations that could come to light:

  • Ignoring the parenting agreement: You both understand your parenting agreement, but that doesn’t mean your ex will follow it.
  • Violating the visitation schedule: For example, if your ex has visitation rights, they may continually violate the court ordered schedule by keeping your children for longer than they are supposed to.
  • Bringing up the past: If your ex knows it’ll get a rise out of you, they may bring up things from your past to stir the pot. When doing so, it only makes it more difficult to get along for the sake of your children.
  • Threatening you: Maybe your ex threatens to take your children and never come back. Or maybe they threaten to share personal information with your children, all in hopes of turning them against you.

All of these things, among others, can disturb your co-parenting flow and make it a challenge to raise your children in a stable environment.

If your co-parenting takes a turn for the worse, it’s time to review your parenting agreement and decide if requesting a modification from the court could help.