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You wait all year long to go on a summer vacation with your children. While it has the potential to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, it can also turn sour should you run into issues regarding child custody and visitation.

For example, you have plans to take your children on vacation the same week as your ex. If this happens, one or both of you will need to adjust your schedule.

Here are some tips for planning summer vacation with child custody and visitation in mind:

  • Talk to your ex first: Before you book anything, talk to your ex about your plans. Touch on the finer details such as when you want to leave and return, along with your potential destination. This helps prevent a situation in which your plans interfere with theirs.
  • Keep your children in the loop: Depending on the age of your children, they may have a lot going on during the summer months, such as sports camps. Check their schedule first, as it helps avoid conflicts in the future.
  • Review your child custody agreement and visitation agreement: For example, you may find that your custody agreement states that you can’t travel out of state with your children. These court orders will provide direction as you plan your trip.

Although it takes some additional planning, don’t let that scare you away from a summer vacation with your children.

Should your ex continually get in the way in an attempt to stop your trip from happening, talk to them about their concerns and learn more about your legal rights.