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There are a lot of things that come into focus when a couple is faced with an impending divorce. One such concern is how they’re going to share custody of their kids. While it’s best if a couple can reach an agreement among themselves, many cannot. It’s in situations like this that the court may step in and make decisions for them. There are a variety of child custody options a judge here in Plantation may impose depending on the circumstances.

A judge may award legal or physical custody to one or both parents.

Legal custody gives a Florida parent or guardian the right to make religious, schooling and medical decisions for their child. Parents may be awarded either sole or joint legal custody of their kids.

Parents may be awarded either sole or joint physical custody of their children as well. If a mom or dad has sole physical custody of their child, then the other, noncustodial parent generally enjoys liberal visitation rights including sleepovers with their son or daughter.

Moms or dads who have been awarded joint physical custody of their child generally exchange them back and forth between their homes every few days or weeks.

There are some instances in which parents aren’t awarded primary custody of their child but are still entitled to visitation with them. There are three types of visitation. They are unsupervised, supervised and virtual.

Unsupervised visitation is the most common. Children who are subject to this can generally spend time at the other parent’s home without another adult being present.

Parents that have previously been accused of abuse or neglect or have past drug problems may only be able to visit with their child while being supervised. These visitation sessions often take place at a private facility under the watchful eye of another adult.

Children who live some distance away from their parents may participate in virtual visitation sessions.

If you’re going through a breakup and children are involved, then it’s in their best interest if you can minimize conflict by trying to reach an amicable parenting plan as quickly as you can. An attorney here in Broward can assist you in negotiating with your ex so that you can hopefully reach an agreement with them that’s in both you and your kids’ best interests.