Helping You Create A Brighter Future

As you prepare for the divorce process, you’re likely to have questions and concerns about the well-being of your children.

With so many benefits of gaining primary physical custody, you may find yourself interested in fighting for it. Here are some of the benefits to consider:

  • More time with your children: When you have primary physical custody, you have more time to spend with your children since they live with you. Even if your ex has visitation rights, you’ll get to see your children more often.
  • The opportunity to receive child support: Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may be in line to receive child support. This will help you provide your children with a better life in the future.
  • More control: When your children live with you, you have more control over what they do. For example, you can decide when they go to bed and how they do their homework. If you also have full legal custody, in addition to physical custody of your children, you don’t have to work with your ex when making decisions regarding healthcare, religion and education among other important details.

With all these benefits in mind, you may realize that you want to seek primary physical custody during the divorce process.

If your ex is on board with the idea, you don’t have anything to worry about. But if your ex also wants primary physical custody or wants shared custody, you may have some serious negotiations on your hands.

No matter what, make sure you take the steps necessary to protect your legal rights and keep your children safe.