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Child custody solutions are usually a compromise, and they feel like it. The children are not thrilled to move back and forth between two homes. The parents don’t love having to see their children less often. They may butt heads over the exact schedule and when they get to see the children.

Anything you can do to make this easier it likely good for your children, reducing the stress in their lives. One potential option is nesting, which is sometimes called birdnesting.

The name is an apt one, as the idea is that your children will never have to move. Ideally, they won’t even have to leave their friends by moving out of the marital home. You will just keep it — together, as parents — and they’ll continue living in it. You’re divorced, but your children feel like life is largely the same.

What is different is when you live in that house. This plan centers around buying or renting a second living space. Your custody schedule, then, doesn’t tell you when the children move in with you. It tells you when you move in with them.

The upside is that this plan is simple and involves less change for the children. The downside is that you still have to share a home with your ex, albeit in shifts. You need to consider what that means in your personal relationship.

Whether or not you’d like to do this, you can clearly see that nonconventional custody arrangements do exist. When deciding what you want to do, look at it from all directions.