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Parents who live together can both have a say in the day-to-day decisions that are made for their children. This includes those related to education. When the parents go through a divorce, it’s going to take effort by everyone involved in the child’s schooling to ensure that both parents remain abreast of what’s going on

One of the first things that parents need to do is set the standards for letting each other know what’s going on. Many schools communicate with parents through notes that are sent home and electronic means. If the child comes home to one parent on certain school days and the other parent on the other school days, the parents will need to alert each other if there’s something sent home with the child. 

Discussing the situation with school administrators and the child’s teachers can be beneficial. This is a chance for you and your ex to let everyone know that you both plan on playing active roles in the child’s education. You can also have both adults put on the contact lists for the student so that both will receive messages about what’s going on with the school.

Another priority that you have to set is what expectations you have for the children. This might include things like grades, homework and study time. When both parents have the same expectations, the children may fare better. 

As is the case with many aspects of raising children with an ex, you should put all the decisions you make together in writing. This helps everyone to know exactly what’s going on and it can help if there are ever disagreements about what needs to occur.