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It can be very frustrating to be divorcing, living separately from your ex-partner and still feeling like you can’t date. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that dating during your divorce isn’t usually a good idea. It can have a negative influence on your case in some instances, which only hurts you more in the end.

There are a few reasons why it might not be a good idea for you to get into a new relationship. Here are three to remember.

  1. A new relationship could affect child custody

The first thing to think about is how a new relationship could impact child custody. If you get into a new living arrangement or have this person around your children, the other parent may argue that it’s not healthy or safe for them. Your right to custody could be influenced.

  1. A new relationship could limit your options for alimony

If you’re seeking spousal support (alimony), then you may want to avoid bringing up a new relationship. If your spouse suspects that you have someone else supporting you or that your budget isn’t as tight as you’ve suggested, they may decide to argue against paying out spousal support or fight the amount that you’re requesting. If you get engaged or remarried in the future, remember that your spousal support could be affected, too.

  1. Your new relationship could hurt property division discussions

Finally, think about how a new relationship could hurt your property division discussions. If your spouse thinks you spent down marital assets on your new partner, then they could start seeking a larger share of what remains and try to push the issue with the judge. To protect yourself, don’t do anything with shared assets that could be construed as spending them on extramarital affairs or relationships.

These are three things to keep in mind about dating during your divorce. Since divorces may take anywhere from a few months to years, what you do will depend on your situation. Until you discuss it with your attorney, avoiding dating is a good choice whenever possible.