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New research shows that shared child custody is best

When two parents divorce, they can choose a lot of different strategies when it comes to sharing custody of their children. However, one thing -- according to psychologists -- will help the children have a happy and healthy future: The ability of children to spend regular time with both parents.

Is your child having a hard time adapting to divorce?

No two children, and no two families, are the same. Florida courts do their best to create uniform rules and guidelines that they can consistently apply to make decisions on child custody cases. However, the different temperaments, attitudes and needs of children and their families require courts to maintain a high degree flexibility when it comes to deciding a particular child custody matter.

Strategies for creating a temporary parenting plan

A temporary parenting plan can be useful in the months it takes for your divorce to be finalized. Once your divorce is complete, you will have a permanent parenting plan set up. However, until then you'll need something that allows you and your ex to share time with your children in a fair and efficient way that reflects the best interests of your children.

When biological parents take their children unlawfully

Biological parents do not always have custody of their children, but blood bonds can run deep and desperate parents may do desperate things to get their children back. Let's take a recent case that happened a couple of months ago for example. Two biological parents took their daughter unlawfully from her legal guardians.

Be careful what you post on Facebook as a parent

Many Florida parents enjoy posting pictures of their children on Facebook so family members and friends can stay up-to-date on the latest news of their children. However, when we post things on social media, they could end up being seen by more than just family and friends -- they could go viral.

Does your family need a child custody modification?

Single parents have a lot to juggle, even when everything is going according to plan. It's not the same when you shift from having a two-parent household to having a one-parent household. Even though the modern trend is for parents to split caring for their children 50-50, so the children are with each parent on and off for half a week at a time, those days when you're caring for your kids can get hectic.

Odd work schedules and child custody

Everyone has their own way of making money. Some of us have jobs that keep a regular nine-to-five schedule and others of us have anything but a normal schedule. For those who have odd work schedules, it's not a very big issue until we want to spend time with people in the nine-to-five world -- and it can become an even bigger issue if you're a newly single parent.

When grandparents take custody of their grandchildren

If both parents of a child die, a grandparent or another family member might step in as the new legal guardian of the child. However, aside from death, there are other scenarios under which a Florida grandparent might feel it's important to assume the role of parent for his or her grandchildren.

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