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What reduces your obligation to pay child support during college?

Child support is paid to help your child grow up, pay for expenses and get an education. Education includes primary, secondary, post-secondary and even graduate school in some cases. When your child support obligation ends depends on the expectations you, your ex-spouse and your child hold in terms of education. If you and the other parent are both professionals, then it is possible that child support could be ordered to continue until your child receives his or her graduate degree. Assuming child support has been ordered, is there any way to mitigate the support payments or do they stay the same? 

Charlie Sheen falls behind in child support payments

If you have been ordered to pay child support, it is crucial that you take that responsibility seriously. Failure to keep up with these payments can leave you facing some serious penalties including fines and, in some cases, even jail time.

Penalties for unpaid support may be harsher than you think

Paying child support is an obligation that parents all across Florida must fulfill. Every month, they write checks or have money deducted from a paycheck to support a child they might not have a relationship with or see as much as they'd like to. Even more frustrating is the fact that the other parent receiving this money may be someone the paying parent hates, distrusts or resents.

Understanding the 'best interests of a child'

When we talk about legal issues that involve children, we often use the phrase "best interests of the child." If you are a parent in Florida confronted with issues related child custody, child support or visitation, you are likely quite used to hearing this phrase as well.

Tech tools could help minimize co-parenting conflicts

People all across Florida are raising children as a single parent or with another parent but separately. It is no longer uncommon for people to get divorced or have children before getting married and modern families are no longer defined strictly as one with a mom, dad and a couple kids. 

Alternatives to litigation for family legal matters

As difficult as any family legal issue can be, not all of them lead to bitter, contentious court battles. In fact, many disputes can be resolved by the parties involved long before any court hearing. If you are dealing with a problem stemming from divorce, child custody or child support, you should know that you have the option to pursue more peaceful ways of finding a resolution.

One state trying to shame parents into child support compliance

Every parent should have an appreciation for how crucial child support payments are, whether they are the parent paying or receiving them. This money allows custodial parents to provide the things their child needs and wants while also serving as a way to connect a non-custodial parent and child, even if only financially.

When child support payments stop, we're here to help

Ask any parent and they will tell you that raising a child, while beyond rewarding, can sometimes prove to be incredibly expensive. That's because in addition to providing them with food, clothing and shelter, there's also tuition to pay, toys to buy and medical expenses to cover.

Important New Year's resolutions for co-parents - Part II

We recently began a discussion about various New Year’s resolutions that you may wish to consider if your co-parenting relationship is less than ideal. We mentioned that it may be helpful to think of your co-parenting relationship as a business partnership. We also noted that you may benefit from altering the primary methods of communication you use when interacting with your co-parent. Both of these potential resolutions may help to make your co-parenting relationship more productive and more palatable.

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