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Child Support Archives

The need for civility concerning child support situations

An article tells the unsettling story of a so-called "deadbeat parent" that apparently fled to Florida and many other locations to get out of his paying his child support obligations. Eventually, this father ended up in jail and his picture was plastered all over the social media pages announcing that he had been in arrears in paying his child support since 2002.

Florida man alleged $166,000 delinquent in child support

A complaint filed against a Florida man claims that he owes approximately $166,000 in back child support. The delinquent child support payments cover the period from 2007 until 2012. The father now faces nine counts of failing to pay child support in what could result in 13.5 years of imprisonment.

Florida child support conflict criticized by judge

Though the goal of all courts are to resolve family law matters as smoothly as possible, friction in matters regarding child support and child custody is all too common. In one recent Florida matter concerning child custody, a former wife apparently falsely accused the father of her child of not paying thousands of dollars in back child support.

Parents gambling away money owed to their children

A child support program in another state has netted more than $806,000 in casino winnings from individuals that were failing to pay out on their child support obligations. In one casino alone, $106,771 was collected from these parents, and one specific parent ended up paying back $1,995 in winnings towards his child support payments.

The biological father and needs of the child

In a story that has gained national attention, one particular state has become involved in a child support matter where the biological father happens to have been a sperm donor for a lesbian couple. However, because the father did not donate the sperm by going to a state certified clinic or doctor as was required by that state's laws, that state has now turned around and sued him for $6,000 that the child's biological mother received through public assistance.

Social media requires extra thought amidst family law disputes

Think before you act. It has been an adage for a long time, but like everything else it should be updated to fit the times. In this day-and-age it seems as though "Think before you post" is a more appropriate saying -- especially when it comes to family law issues such as divorce, child custody or support obligations.

Child support payments and parent resentment

Will forcing a parent to pay child support obligations then cause resentment towards the children? This is a question that was brought up in a newspaper column by a mother after having various discussions with her former husband.

Father alleged to owe $700,000 in back child support

A former lawyer living in Florida is alleged to owe $700,000 in back child support. The former lawyer denies that he owes any such obligation, and he instead claims that he was actually granted custody of the children back in 1991.

Financial needs of separated couples with children

The perception remains that divorce is too expensive for certain individuals. It's not so much the divorce process itself as the long term obligations of paying alimony or child support, and the fear that the other spouse may be unwilling or unable to abide by what the court has ordered.

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