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Is it possible to make post-divorce modifications to support payments?

Spousal support and child support are two common aspects of divorce decrees in Florida. Support can also be the source of a lot of frustration for both parties after the agreement is finalized. Many times the spouse who is ordered to pay support is not happy with the amount that was ordered, or the receiving spouse comes to realize that the payment needs to be higher.

When a parent quits a job to avoid paying child support

Sometimes in particularly acrimonious divorces, the spouse who would otherwise pay a certain amount of child support purposely quits his or her job in an attempt to lower the support payments. In ordering child support, the court bases the decision in part on the separate incomes of the parties involved. By quitting a job, some people think they can get around paying support.

Florida's SB 718 contains alimony and child visitation provisions

Florida Senate Bill SB 718 (SB 718) was put in place foremost to reform alimony laws in place in our state. Lawmakers have since passed the bill and it has now been placed on the desk of the Florida's governor for his signature.

Children leave Florida without winter clothing

A Florida mother's protracted divorce was so severe that now she and her three children are living with this individual's parents in a northern state. Apparently, she left the state of Florida with virtually no finances, and her children do not have the clothing to fight off the cold weather at her new location.

Financial needs of separated couples with children

The perception remains that divorce is too expensive for certain individuals. It's not so much the divorce process itself as the long term obligations of paying alimony or child support, and the fear that the other spouse may be unwilling or unable to abide by what the court has ordered.

Law firms representing fathers and husbands in a divorce

There is a need for representation of men during certain divorce circumstances. There are often certain challenges in representing fathers and husbands in our Florida courts that are not present for wives and mothers.

Warren Sapp files bankruptcy while owing back child support

It's easy to forget how difficult it can be for the custodial parent to collect on current or back child support obligations. Sometimes it's even more difficult to collect from individuals one would assume have easy access to funds. Such individuals often can figure out other ways to spend the money rather than on their own children.

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