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Has your ex fallen behind on child support?

If your ex-spouse has ever fallen behind on child support payments, then you may have considered taking him or her to court. Depending on individual circumstances, a single missed payment could place a significant financial burden on a custodial parent, not to mention a series of missed payments.

Text encouraging child support payments rub dads the wrong way

Receiving all of the child support to which they are entitled is obviously in the best interests of the children getting those payments. It is also arguably in society’s best interests. Custodial parents who are not getting financial support from their children’s other parent often struggle financially, and may need to turn to public relief for help with basic necessities.

Florida man who owes $20K of child support calls jailing unfair

Most people would agree that children should not suffer financially if their parents are not living together. This is one issue that child support is meant to address: making it so that the household income is similar to what it would be if the noncustodial parent were living in the house.

Should jackpot be seized if winner owes child support?

Last year, we shared a story about a state that does not allow those who hit it big at the casino to enjoy all of their winnings, if they owe child support to their kids. The state garnishes large casino winnings to put toward back child support. Though Florida does not have a similar program, it is an increasingly popular idea around the country.

Do parents accused of owing child support get a fair shake?

A pair of critics say that the child support laws, as well as the way they are adjudicated, are unfair in Florida. They recently demonstrated outside the Highlands County Courthouse to make their case.

Thinking about child custody and tax exemption benefits

Tax season is now in full swing. Congratulations if you have already filed your taxes. But if you have not yet done so, perhaps one of the reasons you are hesitating to file is that you are unsure of whether you or your co-parent gets to claim the tax exemption for your dependent child.

Film explores child custody and support issues

A new independent film is currently the subject of a great deal of media buzz. This film is likely to resonate with millions of Americans simply due to its subject matter. The film "Romeo Misses a Payment" spotlights various child custody and child support issues that affect low-income Americans in particular. It additionally criticizes wider governmental and cultural systems as perpetuating single-parent households, but the inequities it exposes in child custody and child support issues among low-income Americans are striking critics most profoundly.

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