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Plantation Divorce Lawyer

The Help You Need During Challenging Times

Even the most amicable divorce can involve tremendous challenges and difficulties. Concerns over the children and the division of assets, as well as the emotional turmoil that accompanies divorce can be overwhelming.

If you are facing a divorce, you need the right lawyer, a Florida lawyer with experience and credentials, who also cares about helping you through the difficult process of marriage dissolution. Do not take chances with your future, the well-being of your children or your future assets. Contact our Plantation divorce attorney today.

Assistance From a Broward County, Florida, Family Law Attorney at a Full-Service Law Firm

The Law Offices of Kelley A. Joseph is a full-service family law firm serving South Florida's Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County. Kelley A. Joseph, Esq., is a family law attorney with:

  • Experience — She has been representing clients in litigation matters since 1994, including several over a decade in criminal defense litigation.
  • The trust of the court — She has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court to serve as a guardian ad litem since 1998, and she has been appointed by the Broward County Court to serve in this role more than 30 times. She has also handled numerous appointments as a parent coordinator.
  • Empathy — After raising an autistic child herself, attorney Joseph understands the unique problems and challenges — both personal and legal — that parents with special needs children face.

Handling the Most Complex Family Law Matters

There are many factors that can make a family law case or divorce difficult. Whether it is because of challenging child custody or child support issues, or there are accusations of domestic violence, we have experience working with and resolving a wide range of cases.

We will work to fully understand your family and the issues you are facing, and we will ensure we identify and retain outside resources to help you get the best results possible. If your divorce involves complex issues involving equitable distribution, special needs assessments for purposes of parenting plans and time sharing, rest assured that we routinely work with experts to help clarify and provide analysis on financial matters, property appraisals, vocational rehabilitation and psychological concerns.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale and Palm Springs, Florida, Child Custody Support Lawyer

To contact Broward County, Florida, family law attorney Kelley A. Joseph, contact us or call our office at 954-376-4826 or toll free 888-392-5784.

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