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Remember the best interest of children during divorce

One of the biggest tragedies of divorce can happen when parents enlist their children into the divorce process in an unhealthy way. For example, parents might use their children as sympathetic ears to whom they voice their worries and concerns. They might try to pit their children against the other parent. They might also just forget to consider the feelings and best interests of their children due to the difficult nature of the divorce process.

According to a former U.S Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, we should not make children the victims of their parents' choices. Parents need to remember how much children are often worried during a divorce process. Sometimes children feel that if their parents stop loving each other that they will stop loving them. Sharing too much information with children could result in those kinds of fears.

Defending the rights of Florida parents

Divorcing parents will generally be very concerned to know about the time sharing plans they will have with their ex-spouses. Time sharing plans determine when, where and how Florida children will spend time with their parents.

In the state of Florida, laws have changed a lot regarding time sharing of children after a divorce. In the past, a judge would devote a great deal of time to determining how and when children would spend time with each parent. However, these days, the focus is on encouraging parents to decide the details of their children's care without court involvement. These days, the words "time sharing" and "parenting plans" have replaced the terms "visitation" and "child custody."

Disc jockey extradited to Paris over child custody matter

Seven months ago, disc jockey Angie Vu was arrested after she allegedly tried to flee the country with her 9-year-old daughter. The woman has been in jail ever since then. Recently, a federal judge ruled that the disc jockey will be extradited to Paris in order to face charges in her child custody battle.

Angie Vu is no stranger to media attention. Previously, she appeared in Playboy and was dubbed "Asia's sexiest DJ." However, the latest media attention she has received is clearly less than optimal. Also, it should be noted that the accusations against her have not been proven in court.

Lisa Marie Presley demands full custody of twins

Court records indicate that Lisa Marie Presley has filed for divorce. The daughter of Elvis Presley has been married to musician Michael Lockwood for the last 10 years, but their pairing will soon be coming to a close. Lisa Marie, who is a musician in her own right, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup.

This breakup marks Lisa Marie's fourth divorce. Previously, Lisa Marie was married to such famous individuals as Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson. Lisa Marie cited the date of separation from Lockwood as June 13. The divorce may be related to Lisa Marie getting sued by American Express after a $109,000 charge by Lockwood. Presley is currently conducting an audit of her and her husband's finances.

Frequently asked questions about parental visitation in Florida

When you are involved in a child custody case, the availability of visitation is one of the primary concerns. Understanding some of the answers to common questions about visitation can help you understand how the process will go. Here are a few questions to consider:

-- What is reasonable visitation? In other words, it is generally left up to the two parents to decide what an acceptable plan of visitation is. If the parents can agree, it is a better choice than allowing a judge who does not know you or your children to make a decision.

Child custody basics

When a couple with children decide to go their separate ways, one of the most important issues that must be settled is child custody. Determining where the children will live and making decisions on their behalf must be completed and should be done with the best interests of the children in mind.

There are several types of custody that parents can consider when putting together a parenting plan. The first type of custody refers to the physical location of the child. Joint physical custody means the child lives at both parents' homes and switches off as agreed on. Sole physical custody means that the child lives with one parent, but the other has regular visitation.

3 co-parenting styles: Which one fits your family?

Parenting after divorce can be an immense challenge for any mom or dad. Not only can you still be reeling from the emotional blows of your divorce, you can also be struggling with the task of raising your kids separately but together.

Considering all the obstacles, transitions and stressors that you have to deal with during this time, it can be enormously helpful to have some sort of guide that helps you through such a difficult situation. For instance, you can use your parenting plan to dictate the style of parenting you and your ex will observe. This will give you the tools and guidance you need to adjust to a new way of parenting.

What is virtual visitation and can it help in your case?

If your ex-partner wants to move to a new location and take your child with him or her, or if you must travel often and are worried about missing out on your child's life, you may want to talk to your attorney about implementing virtual visitation in your visitation rights. This kind of visitation is relatively new to child custody courts, but it can be immensely beneficial for both parents and their children.

What is virtual visitation?

Why Depp's divorce could be bad news for his kids

Johnny Depp is probably known as one of the biggest film stars in the world. He has had a long film career. Along with being known for his various movie roles (as well as his good looks), Depp is also known for his string of high-profile romantic relationships. 

His most recent romance, according to media reports, is coming to an end. After about 15 months of marriage, Depp and actress Amber Heard are getting a divorce. The younger Heard, 31, filed the paperwork and has created quite the media frenzy by doing so. Within the buzz is the important question, "Why didn't Depp get a prenup?"

6 tips for taking the stress out of summer custody plans

Summer is just around the corner, and for many Floridians it can't come soon enough. However, there are some drawbacks and adjustments that come with summer, especially if you are parent sharing custody of your child.

Summer means no school, and that means kids have more freedom and fewer scheduling restrictions. It also means that parenting plans can look much different in the summer than they do during the rest of the year. While this can be frustrating and complicated, there are some ways to ease the anxiety of summertime custody.