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Property Division — Protecting Your Interests

The division of assets can be complicated in any divorce, and these complications are increased greatly in divorces between spouses who have substantial wealth. Attorney Kelley A. Joseph has a wealth of experience working with financial experts when necessary to make sure your interests are protected in the complicated, and often heated, asset division conflicts.

Plantation divorce property division attorney Kelley A. Joseph has experience helping clients with every aspect of marital asset division in divorces, including:

  • Determining marital property: Since only marital assets can be divided in a divorce, one of the first and most important tasks in a divorce is to determine which assets are marital and which are non-marital. Generally, the assets that a spouse obtains before the marriage, and does not mingle with the other spouse's assets, will remain non-marital. It is important to work with an experienced divorce lawyer to make sure your interests are covered in determining marital and non-marital property.
  • Valuation: Especially in divorces between couples holding substantial assets, complications arise in determining the values of the various assets. Attorney Kelley A. Joseph can help you obtain fair valuations of businesses, real estate, personal property, retirement accounts, stocks and other investments.
  • Equity: In Florida, which is not a community property state, the court will not simply divide all of the assets equally. The court will set out an equitable distribution of property, which in some cases may not be an exact 50-50 split. Attorney Kelley A. Joseph will negotiate and fight for your best interests and the most equitable outcome possible.

"In all divorce matters, including division of assets, my first goal is to give my clients the best service possible. In most cases, I find that thorough preparation and work with financial experts before the trial is the best way to protect my clients' financial interests while minimizing the costs and stress associated with litigation. Of course, when a case needs to be litigated, I advocate fiercely for my clients." ∙ Plantation Paternity Attorney Kelley A. Joseph

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