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May 2012 Archives

Children require more than just child support payments

Fort Lauderdale parents often bicker over how much child support is required, and this has resulted in circumstances that are not always beneficial to the child. A recent study suggests that children with one custodial and one non-custodial parent are often better adjusted if no child support is being paid at all.

Grandparent visitation legislation being passed

Fort Lauderdale area readers interested in the topic of grandparent's rights may be interested in what has recently occurred in the Connecticut House of Representatives. There the House unanimously passed a grandparent visitation rights bill.

Custodial rights of unmarried fathers

Unmarried fathers of children have often struggled futilely to fight for any sort of custodial rights whatsoever when it comes to their children. Yet what happened in Colorado may have consequences in Florida as well when concerning a father's rights to visitation and custody.

Child custody and virtual visitation

As times change, so do the manner in which courts will deal with family law matters such as visitation arrangements. It is estimated that three out of every four single mothers will relocate at least once while the child is growing up placing distance between the child and the non-custodial parent. The concern is that the non-custodial parent will lose touch with their children over a period of time because of such separations.

Concerns about The Violence Against Women Act

A Florida psychology professor has been highly critical of The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in that it often unfairly is used to strip men of their rights as a father and husband. According to this individual, the presumption in domestic violence situations often is that the man is a fault. Sadly, there are circumstances when such accusations of abuse turn out to be false.

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