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July 2013 Archives

Study shows joint custody may not be in infants' best interests

Joint custody arrangements have been gaining popularity among parents who split up in Florida. Florida parenting plan laws encourage both parents to be involved in their children's lives by requiring time-sharing agreements to be part of parenting plans. However, those with very young children should think carefully about the way they share their time with their children. A study published in the August 2013 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family showed that joint custody arrangements for very young children may not be best for the children in the long run.  

Children of divorce at greater risk of health problems later?

Parents who have gone through divorce know how hard divorce can be on children emotionally. Children sometimes have difficulty processing all of the feelings they experience during and after the divorce. New research indicates that in addition to the emotional health problems to which divorce may expose children, it also may cause complications with their physical health later on in their lives. 

Number of single fathers with child custody increasing in US

The nature of families in the U.S. seems to be constantly changing. The stereotypical image of a family being composed of a father, mother and two children no longer accurately describes many people's family situations -- if it ever did. A noticeable trend in family life changes is the rise of single fathers. A new report from the Pew Research Center issued on July 2, 2013 showed that the number of single fathers with custody of their children in the U.S. has increased by nine times since the Census Bureau began tracking the information in 1960.

Keep your head up when your kids are gone during the holidays

When Florida couples go through a divorce, one of the first things on their mind will be their kids. They are going to want what is best for their son or daughter; and while that may result in competing views between the two spouses, they will always have their kids' interests in mind. Any family court will have the same thought process, but family court rulings regarding child custody can be less flexible and result in both spouses being unhappy with their agreement.

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