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May 2014 Archives

Florida man who owes $20K of child support calls jailing unfair

Most people would agree that children should not suffer financially if their parents are not living together. This is one issue that child support is meant to address: making it so that the household income is similar to what it would be if the noncustodial parent were living in the house.

In Florida, rapist can have parental rights terminated

In general, fathers have the right to establish paternity and seek parental rights, no matter how long the relationship with the child’s mother was. In other words, even a casual fling can produce a child, and the father may choose to be a part of his son or daughter’s life, giving both his money and his time.

Florida mom ordered to allow son's circumcision to proceed

As some of our readers may already know, there are really two types of child custody in Florida. One type, physical custody, concerns where the child will live. The parents may split custody, or one parent may have primary custody, with visitation time reserved for the other parent.

Should jackpot be seized if winner owes child support?

Last year, we shared a story about a state that does not allow those who hit it big at the casino to enjoy all of their winnings, if they owe child support to their kids. The state garnishes large casino winnings to put toward back child support. Though Florida does not have a similar program, it is an increasingly popular idea around the country.

Older children may get say in Florida child custody decisions

Child custody decisions in Florida are made by the standard that the child’s best interests are paramount. If the child is old enough, the judge may ask him or her where he or she would prefer to live, though that may not be the only evidence considered. Commonly, the choice comes down to one parent or the other having primary custody. But in an unusual case from outside of Florida, the choice was between a father and an unrelated couple trying to fulfill a deceased mother’s wishes.

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