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June 2014 Archives

Man in jail because his employer failed to deliver child support

It is common for parents who have been ordered to pay child support to have those payments taken directly out of his or her paycheck. This is called garnishment. It can be an easy and convenient way for the payor to avoid missing a payment. Failure to pay child support could eventually have consequences like jail time, making it a serious matter, not to mention a serious financial strain for the children and the parent with custody.

Florida Supreme Court may hear same-sex divorce bid

If your home state does not recognize your marriage as valid, you may not be able to obtain a divorce there. This would prevent you from getting married again. It would also leave you with no child custody or child support order, if you are a parent. Without an official divorce, your ability to raise and support your child could be dependent on the whims of your ex.

Text encouraging child support payments rub dads the wrong way

Receiving all of the child support to which they are entitled is obviously in the best interests of the children getting those payments. It is also arguably in society’s best interests. Custodial parents who are not getting financial support from their children’s other parent often struggle financially, and may need to turn to public relief for help with basic necessities.

Divorce, child obesity linked in international study

As readers know, divorce can have a serious emotional impact on the children. Though it may be the best thing for the family, divorce is often traumatic for the divorcing couple’s sons and daughters. Some children may turn to food for comfort, an unhealthy habit that can lead to excessive weight gain.

Good communication important when co-parenting

One of the first major challenges divorcing couples with kids face upon splitting up is figuring out how time with the kids will be divided. One of the ways this issue is often addressed here in Florida is parents working together to reach a parenting plan agreement that sets terms regarding things like custody and visitation. Child custody attorneys can help divorcing parents navigate negotiations regarding parenting plans.

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