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October 2016 Archives

Information to include in your parenting plan

In order for a Broward parenting plan to be approved by a Florida family law court, parents need to include specific information and details inside it. They also need to ensure that the plan honors the rights of both parents and is clearly in the best interest of the children. For this reason, parents often turn to the assistance of an experienced family law attorney for help in these matters.

Court says Florida father cannot discuss religion with children

A father in Florida has been restricted from sharing his religious viewpoints with his children. In a recent appeals court case, a three-judge panel determined that the man's religious opinions are emotionally damaging for his children; therefore, he should not be permitted to share them.

Can I withhold visitation if I'm owed child support?

When a parent who is supposed to be paying child support falls behind on making the payments, this can place enormous strain on the already difficult relationship between former partners who are now separately parenting a child together. Sooner or later, the desire to compel the owing parent to get one's act together and pay the child support will probably inspire the idea to withhold visitation privileges. While this may seem like a reasonable form of leverage, anyone who is thinking of taking this course of action should absolutely reconsider.

How to make divorce as stress-free as possible for your children

Divorce is never easy, and when children are involved, the process is even more difficult. This is largely because parents are not only trying to manage their own feelings and process the difficulty of separating from someone they used to be in love with, but they also have to try and manage and protect the sensitive feelings of their children through the process. This article will discuss three pieces of advice to help make divorce as stress-free as possible for your children.

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