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Living with a narcissist is a trying situation because they’re so self-absorbed that they can’t think about how their actions impact others. Ending a marriage when your spouse us a narcissist is just as difficult because the process usually requires both parties to compromise and reach accord on important matters.

Trying to work through the divorce may be hard, but it’s often a bit less stressful if you remember these tips. They may help you to avoid the drama that comes with ending a marriage to a narcissist.

Control your reactions

Narcissistic individuals need others to react to their antics to allow them to feel powerful. When you’re dealing with your ex, shut down your reactions so that you don’t give them the power.

Some people find that communicating only in writing lets them review what they’ve written prior to sending. Discussing the matters through a third party may also be beneficial as long as that person is neutral.

Keep thorough documentation

You should document anything related to the divorce. This includes the money you spend to keep up assets, for the children’s well-being and anything else that’s germane to the divorce process.

Transcribe heated conversations and other discussions you have with your ex. The more information you have, the more seriously the court will take any allegations you make about your spouse’s actions.

Anyone who’s facing a divorce with a narcissist should come to court well-prepared for battle. Discuss the situation with your attorney so they can address issues as needed. Surrounding yourself with a strong legal team, financial advisers, family, friends and other professionals can help you face the challenges ahead.