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How to explain joint custody to your children

When you're married, your children get used to the fact that they live in the same house as both their parents. However, after you decide to divorce, this will all change. Since this is such a big adjustment for children, you must explain the finer details of joint custody.

A parenting agreement should include many key details

There are many steps you can take to prevent future child custody disputes, starting with the creation of a comprehensive parenting agreement. With this in place, both parents have a clear idea of what's expected of them and the steps they can take to provide their children with as much stability as possible.

Child custody disputes: 3 considerations that help

A child custody battle is one of the most terrifying and emotional experiences that a parent will ever have to experience. The thought of losing your right to spend time with your child, even if it's losing just a few days with the child each week, is enough to cause some parents fits of anxiety and fear. Although each child custody dispute is different -- and every parent has his or her reasons to hold a firm position -- parents who are facing a child custody court case may want to consider the following:

Examples of parenting provisions you may want to use

If you can master the art of dealing with your ex-spouse diplomatically and patiently on a daily basis, you will have achieved an incredible feat. Not only that, but it will support your child's healthy growth and development. One way to support your ability to be diplomatic and sidestep potential areas of conflict and disagreement is to create a carefully-planned parenting agreement that includes well-thought-out parenting provisions.

Parenting provisions that address religion

Most people wisely shy away from discussing religion and politics with their family, friends and business associates. But if you're raising a child with your ex-spouse, the topic of religion - particularly the religion under which your child is raised -- is bound to become a serious issue if you and your spouse maintain competing viewpoints. To avoid this potential point of contention between you and your ex, you should get serious about the matter during child custody negotiations, so you can pin things down for the future.

Are you keeping a child care journal?

It might seem like a remote possibility at this time, but spouses and their marital situations can go through a lot of intense changes after a child is born. In many cases, the stresses of parenting are enough to highlight the loose bonds that have held a marriage together, and a couple can split apart. Sometimes, one of the individuals is completely blindsided by the decision to divorce, and this spouse could be at a disadvantage during the divorce process if he or she is not prepared.

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