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So-called anti-sharia legislation may still become Florida law

A Florida legislative committee has voted 5-4 on what is called the "anti-sharia" law. What this means is that SB 58 could still become law. If passed, it would prevent Florida courts from applying foreign laws in divorce and child custody dispute. It appears that the bill is mostly designed to prevent couples from using the Quran when making arguments in courts.

Foster children and the holiday season

Approximately 1,200 children in Florida's foster care system had their adoptions finalized over the holiday season. About another 1,200 foster children were at least able to visit relatives throughout the state. This was all part of what was called the "Home for the Holidays" initiative.

Children leave Florida without winter clothing

A Florida mother's protracted divorce was so severe that now she and her three children are living with this individual's parents in a northern state. Apparently, she left the state of Florida with virtually no finances, and her children do not have the clothing to fight off the cold weather at her new location.

Women, divorce and health insurance

It is estimated that as many as 115,000 women nationwide are deprived of health insurance coverage after a divorce has taken place. And sometimes, it may take more than two years before the coverage is resumed.

Increase of adoption of children in Florida

In a one year period, more than 3,250 foster children were formally adopted in the state of Florida. This was an eight percent increase over the previous year, and it resulted in a large number of special needs children being brought into families.

New alternative dispute method used in Florida court

The goal of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods when it comes to divorce is to resolve a number of pressing family law issues without forcing spouses to go to court. A relatively new ADR method called "collaborative divorce" is now being tried out in Florida, and it appears that such a process will be subject to a number of regulations.

Florida's use of parent coordinators in divorce situations

Simply because parents are divorced does not end their obligations to work with each other in the best interest of the child. Contention between the parents will ultimately hurt the child. It's because of this that Florida legislators have allowed for judges to appoint a parent coordinator that can mediate disputes after the divorce has been finalized.

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